Connecting Afresh

Connecting Afresh

"Its been a learning experience and I am very thankful."

I've been a Catholic Match member for well over a year and periodically tell my personal friends (outside of CM) the things that I've directly and indirectly learned and experienced because of CM.

First of all, yes I've actually met guys! I've corresponded with a lot of men from this site and met a few. Its been a learning experience and I am very thankful. In addition, I have several personal friends who have become members and met new CM friends too. In July, I relocated to Chicago and met other CM members from the Chicago area thru a variety of young adult events and its been fun to write to people across the US and the globe!

Secondly, the discussion boards in "Forums" have been a great resource to learn the Faith and to share thoughts and insights about living a life as a single Catholic. I've networked with other CM members regarding a youth day event that I am involved with in Milwaukee and most importantly its a virtual prayer community.

Finally, the "Community" page, again, is a great resource to read articles about Church teaching, references to other Catholic websites, and the "Event Calendar" is an excellent resource to learn about events.

Take care and God bless !!!



  1. Thank you for your insight, words and experience.

  2. Wyatt-605822 January 11, 2011

    she is beautfully but she live in chicago

  3. Hey! A great article, I have read it and over again so that I didn’t miss anything,OK?
    Then as long as you are a staff writer, can you tell me how get a message to

  4. Hello I would like to make contact with paul from belfast

  5. Lidia-739348 August 20, 2011

    Sorry to say, I have tried to reach someone, but he never replied……not even a “thank you for the interes.” Not enough people from TX on this site. Everyone that has contacted me are from other states!

  6. Janell-740385 October 13, 2011

    Thanks for sharing your story, Dana!

  7. Josie-633617 December 4, 2011

    Thanks for your insight

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