All in God’s Plan

All in God's Plan

"We were married exactly one year to the date that Gerry first wrote to me here on St. Raphael's"

This is an update of our success story. Gerry and I were married on March 8th. God blessed us with a beautiful day with family and friends sharing it with us. We were married exactly one year to the date that Gerry first wrote to me here on St. Raphael's. Who ever would have thought a year ago that we would be getting married a year later. It goes to show that God's plans are not always what we think they are. God is truly awesome for bringing us together. We had a beautiful wedding mass with my dear friend/pastor and another dear friend, Msgr. Paul, concelebrating. The entire liturgy was special from beginning to end. We had a rather untraditional wedding. Gerry and I walked in to church together and it wasn't to the tune of the traditional "here comes the bride" either. We left out some of the usual events at the reception such as the throwing of the bouquet and tossing of the garter. We had a wonderful reception with Gerry's niece doing an Irish Step Danc! e for us. She has been in national competitions for this dance. Her picture is in my scrapbook. We had a wonderful time, even without alcohol and dancing……can you believe it. Everyone had a wonderful time. I guess when God's love is present, it fills the air and everyone just enjoys being together. We honeymooned in Cancun which was wonderful and a great place to get away and relax totally. We are now back to the long distance between us until our daughters are finished with their school year here. With patience and perserverence, God does make all things possible. We're planning and very much looking forward to being together in New York for Easter and then for our move in June to New York.

I hope that our story gives hope to those of you here on St. Raphael's that are still wishing to find "Mr. or Mrs." Right. It's always in God's time and that is not always the same as our time.

Paula – Member #4805

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