Photo Albums Enhanced

In response to growing use, as well as several member requests, we have completely redesigned the photo album from ground up. The new application implements the familiar filtering system at the top of the page which should provide the ability to quickly narrow down photos by gender, age, location and month.

The use of iFrames also known as "Inline Frames", has also been added. Inline Frames enable web sites the ability to display pages within pages. The primary advantage of using Inline Frames is that the entire web page need not be reloaded in order to show updated content. This enhancement should provide faster and more fluent navigation of member photos. Inline Frames are supported by most newer browsers including, IE 5.5 and up, Netscape 6.0 and up, and Opera 5.0 and up. For users who do not have Inline Frame compatible browsers we have provided backward compatibility which implements pop-up windows.

Finally, we have increased the number of uploadable photographs from five to ten and increased the caption text from 100 to 255 characters. This should allow plenty of space to describe what is going on within the photograph without providing too much space so that other members have to read a book.

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