Right Next Door

Right Next Door

I (Joseph) encountered Ana's profile one day, and was impressed from
the moment that I saw her and her goals. We seemed to be on the same
page about our future, and where we wanted to go in life.

also turned out that we went to the same college in Houston I did, and
actually had some of the same friends. I had just stopped hanging out
at the Catholic Center at our college and she had just started. I lived
outside the city, but my roomate had just found an apartment that we
were going to move into. It turned out that Ana lived just five minutes
away from my new apartment.

After a few online chats, we started
going to Mass together and spending every day together. Finally we
decided to start a romantic relationship.

Everything is great
between us. We attend daily Mass together, and can't stand to be away
from each other. Ana is truly the love of my life. We get along with
each other in every way, and we are on the same page about how we want
to raise our family. It's really nice to have met someone that has the
same beliefs as me.

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