Christ as Our Witness

Christ as Our Witness

I (Stephanie) went to see Chris on his birthday, February 25th and we
were both really excited to see each other after being apart for two
months. It seemed longer than that sometimes, but we finally made it
through the time apart!

I flew early in the morning on a direct
flight (first time, and it was so nice not having to worry about
missing my flight or a delayed flight, LOL) and I made it in the late
morning – still sleepy because I only had about four and a half hours
of sleep and I can never sleep on the plane. Chris came in when I was
sitting down in baggage claim. He didn't see me, so I had to say his
name a couple times to get his attention. He turned around after I
called his name a couple times, and he had some beautiful roses for me!
We gave each other a big hug and kiss and went to his Mom's to have
lunch and cake with her, his aunt, and grandparents to celebrate his

Later, I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't fall
asleep because I was too excited to be with Chris again! After I had
rested he came in to tell me it was time to get ready to go out to
dinner. So I tried to hurry to make our dinner reservations, but of
course he was done before me. LOL. He told me he had to run an errand
before we went to the restaurant. He talked to his friend from church
whom he said needed to give him something for next Sunday.

got to the church, and I said I would stay in the car. He told me he
thought I should come in. So we walked in looking for his friend. We
got up to about eight feet in front of Jesus in the monstrance. And
that's when I finally realized what was happening! He said he couldn't
think of any better witness than Jesus himself. He told me he loved me
and got down on one knee. He took out the box with the ring and asked
me to marry him. I said "YES". And I told him the ring was BEAUTIFUL!

are planning on getting married towards the end of September 2005. We
are going to meet with my priest when he comes in less than two weeks
to set a date. We will keep you posted. Thank you Catholic Match so
much for helping us find each other!! We will be forever grateful! If
you are looking for someone please don't give up. Keep praying and
hoping because if you are meant to find someone on here it will happen
in God's time!

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