God Will Find a Way.

God Will Find a Way.

Siona: We met through Catholic
Match, and both of us had our doubts about meeting that special
someone. Our relationship progressed from friendship to a deep,
spiritual love for each other, in a short period of time. We had so
much in common, yet were so different in some ways too. We started out
e-mailing and getting to know one another. E-mails became longer and
more frequent (sometimes 3 or 4 per day!). Telephoning was not an
option, as Francis has a hearing disability.

It was amazing to
see the similarities in our background. My parents and I were born in
Ireland. Francis' parents were born in Scotland. Both emigrated to
Canada. Our parents raised us with similar principles and Celtic
traditions. Francis is out here (Abbotsford, BC) from Montreal, PQ for
a two-week visit. I will fly to Montreal in April to meet his parents
in person. Francis has become my best friend, my confidante, my mentor,
and my life companion to-be. I thank God we crossed paths. It was well
worth waiting so many years to meet this special soul. A small autumn
wedding is desired by us both, something small, intimate, and without
all the pomp and circumstance. We both pray that there will be more
matches made for so many of the wonderful members of Catholic Match.

In late February 2005, I flew from Montreal, Qc. to Vancouver, BC, to
meet Siona. I had prayed for guidance prior to this trip. Two days into
my visit, there were many signs that appeared to answer my prayers for
guidance, and so I followed my heart and proposed to Siona. In early
March, I decided to move to B.C. permanently, which I have done and
pray for that I land the marine biology / biology job that I desire. I
am glad that I made the move, as Siona and I were together and watching
the news when the death of Pope John Paul II was announced. JP2 was
someone we both looked up to fondly (I saw him in person when he
visited Montreal in 1984, I'll never forget that day!).

As Siona
had to work that Sunday morning, I went to Mass for both of us. Right
now, Siona and I are in Lorraine, my old hometown in Quebec, visiting
my parents, and all of us just happened to be watching the television
when the white smoke arose from the Sistine Chapel. This, plus all the
things that Siona and I have gone through since we first met has made
me stronger in my faith. When I slow down a bit to reflect and look
around, it really does look like there is a plan for Siona and I. I
feel so blessed that Siona is "the one" for me as she is a terrific
girl. Best wishes and prayers for all you guys on Catholic Match (hey,
get some more Protestants/Presbyterians onboard, double the fun!), and
hope you all find your mission, career/job, and soul mate in life soon.
Best wishes to all who have found their soul mate and prayers for
smooth sailing into a long and happy marriage.

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