A Question Of Values

A Question Of Values

I (Theresa) was so tired of meeting people who did not share my values
and interests. The day I joined (September 30, 2004) as a free member I
saw Christopher's photo and knew instantly I had to meet him, I said to
myself "How do I meet this guy? I have to meet him".

I had been
praying to St. Joseph and St. Raphael to guide me. I didn't even have a
photo posted yet, nor was I a paying member, but I wanted to get in
touch with him so I joined the site and sent him a smiley. He replied
and we started emailing and chatting online. We had so much in common
from the beginning. He is based in Yuma. which was just a couple of
hours from Phoenix.

Over Thanksgiving of 2004 he was in town
visiting family, and got in touch with me. I still remember opening the
door when he came to pick me up for our first date. I think my jaw
dropped open, my heart beating a million beats a minute, and I prayed a
silent prayer of thanks to God. We went to Mass together that weekend.
We started calling each other daily, and whenever he could be away from
Yuma, we would see each other. A few months later he was deployed to
Iraq. He called me from the airport in Baltimore. I was at work but
couldn't let him leave without saying "I love you." It was one of those
magical moments when the tone of his voice was so loving and gentle,
and he said it back to me.

I spent those months praying for him
in the chapel, and was blessed to hear from him frequently. It is now a
year since he left, and he is being deployed again. Saturday was his
birthday. I took him to dinner in Cave Creek, and for the first time in
years it was snowing!!!!! We were nestled by the fireplace and at the
end of dinner he got on his knee and proposed. I had tears in my eyes
and another table bought our dinner when they saw what was happening. I
feel so blessed, when you pray with confidence God certainly replies.

is everything. We love to attend Mass together, we pray together, he
makes me laugh till my side hurts and we have such a spiritual bond
that I never knew could exist. I feel sorry for couples who leave God
out of their relationship, He completes the bond and enriches it. We've
gotten to know each other's families, and again I feel blessed that we
both connect with each other's parents. We even have a business
together, and we are working towards building our future.

tough, knowing he will be gone for several months again, but I am proud
of him. I know he has a duty and a commitment to our country. That
makes me love him even more. Knowing that Heaven guided us to each
other will help ease the time apart, as well as planning a wedding.


  1. Awesome story! Bless you both!!

  2. Inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amy-56598 August 6, 2014

    May God bless you and your family abundantly and always Theresa and Christopher!! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

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