Starting Anew

Starting Anew

Three years after the death of my first wife, I (John) felt
sufficiently together to put my name into Catholic Match. I met several
very nice women but something intrigued me about Janet's photo from the
first time I saw it. I had been out of town when her emotigram came in,
so I didn't respond for about a week.

Since we were 300 miles
apart, we emailed back and forth and then agreed to meet in Monterey
and tour the aquarium there. I described the brown leather jacket I
would be wearing and, naturally, forgot to wear it on the day I drove
up. I spotted her though, introduced myself and we cautiously got to
know one another while looking at the fish and having lunch at the
beautiful restaurant in the aquarium. After we were both too tired to
walk another step, we sat in Starbucks, talked some more and headed for
our cars. As we were parting, I said, "May I give you a hug?" Janet's
response was sufficiently enthusiastic to let me know I hadn't blown
things too badly.

We began calling each other, sharing more
about ourselves, our families and our hopes for the future. After
several visits back and forth, it became obvious that we both wanted to
take the relationship to a higher level. Besides, the ladies in my
church choir were all campaigning on her behalf, so I really didn't
have a chance! I got her a ring in March, and we will be married in
October, exactly one year after our first meeting.

I will be
forever grateful to the people who put Catholic Match together for
making it possible for me to meet the most beautiful woman in the
world, and to God for seeing that Janet was sufficiently tolerant to
accept me as a life companion. God Bless everyone who sees this, and
may you all one day be as happy as I am now.

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