Boston Takes Center Stage


Boston Takes Center Stage

Catholic Match has always sought to be more then just another singles
site. One of the great benefits to be found on CM is the idea of
building a community. The site’s features are built to transcend
matchmaking, enable members to broaden their circle of friends and
contacts and to build the kind of community that makes a truly
fulfilling match possible. In age when Catholics committed to orthodoxy
often feel isolated, this sort of technology can be the first step in
enabling them to develop social circles that enable them to have a good
time with people of the same values. And one place where that hope is
being lived out is preparing for its annual showcase event.

looking for good news in the Catholic Church, Boston is not the first
place you might think to look. From clerical scandals to radical
pro-abortion Catholic politicians, the nation’s oldest city has often
been seen as the center for apostasy rather then the center for
Catholicism. But when it comes to building Catholic community, a small
group of orthodox Catholics in the Hub are finding the vision CM offers
to all–developing friendships and sustaining an active social calendar
throughout the year.

Over the past year, the members of CM
Boston have participated in an array of activities together. They’ve
taken pilgrimages to the holy shrines in their local area. From St.
Bridget’s in nearby Framingham, to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in
Roxbury, to several others within the Old Towne itself, they have
traveled together to those sacred spots where the hand of God
intervened in human history. And to top it off, they've gone to the
heralded Divine Mercy shrine in Stockbridge, home of the most famous
devotion in the latter part of the 20th century, as eloquently reflected upon elsewhere in this month's magazine.

The Original FoundersWhile
shared values is the cornerstone of this group, the activities haven’t
been all explicitly religious in nature. Nearby Groton, CT has a
Submarine Museum. This group traveled there. There have been two
separate hiking trips, and at the end of August, they were hiking
again, up New Hampshire’s Mount Washington. And don’t think the zeal
for physical exercise has left out the culture of life. There have been
a pair of pro-life walks, including one this past June.

fall, the community will host its showcase event. “CM Boston” is
scheduled for the weekend of October 6-8, with members from around the
nation set to converge on this historic city. All are invited, and more
information can be found on the events page.

is no stranger to witnessing great things coming out small beginnings.
A ragtag group of colonial soldiers was molded into the army that
defeated the British Empire and laid the foundation for the most
powerful nation on earth. A destitute class of Irish immigrants landed
on these shores in the mid-19th century and became the city's ruling
class. A midlevel college quarterback named Tom Brady came here and
became the most decorated NFL signal-caller of his time. CM Boston had
similarly modest beginnings.Hiking in New England

the summer of 2005, in the wake of successful events in Cincinnati and
Chicago, a member began working the forums to see if folks were
interested in venturing up to New England in the fall. Interest was
there and the event started to take shape. Unfortunate circumstances
resulted in the original organizer having to drop out. But a group of
local CM members stepped up to help keep the event going. And on the
final weekend of September, CM Boston made its first appearance.

months since then have been productive ones for this close-knit
community. They have traveled together to CM events in New York,
Philadelphia, Connecticut and Chicago. At least three other Catholic
Match members have traveled in over the past few months, been welcomed
with open arms, and shown the town.

Now, on the first weekend
of October, they will be on center stage for Catholic Match Nation. It
didn’t happen by accident. It’s been well-prepared for throughout the


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