The Broken Road Leads Home


The Broken Road Leads Home

For the longest time, we had each prayed that we would one day find our
soulmate…someone to share our faith journey, someone we could talk to
about anything…and of course someone with whom to raise and teach in
faith any of the Lord's children He would entrust to us.

Bob: I joined CM in the spring
of 2004, during a crossroads in my life. I had a secure job and a
home of my own, but I didn't feel fulfilled. Shortly after
stepping out of my comfort zone and quitting my job to pursue a career
in education, I found myself browsing various "singles" sites one
evening. An ad for Catholic Match appeared on the screen (I don't
know where it came from), so I figured I'd check it out before shutting
down the computer. Well, the site was so perfect for me that I
had a profile in no time! During my fist year and a half here, I
made a few friends and got to meet some of them in person. I also
learned a great deal about myself, including my personal faith
convictions, the meaning of life, as well as some of the qualities God
wanted me to find in a potential lifelong partner. I was
beginning to think that the married life may not be His plan for me,

Cynthia: I joined CM in
December of 2005 after going through a breakup of a three-year
relationship. I found myself online looking for some kind
of support. That's when I found CM, so I decided to join as a basic
member. Then, after a month of praying I decided to become a full
member. Soon after I joined I fell in love with the people I met on
this site. One night I was looking though the site when I was set
back a little by Bob's profile, because I couldn't believe there was
someone out there who thought the same way as me. The distance
didn't bother me; I just told myself that I could never have too many
friends. So I said a prayer and held my breath…

Bob: It was the evening of
Sunday, December 10, 2005. I was studying for finals in the
library when I received an emotigram from a woman in Michigan.
"You seem like a great guy," Cyn wrote. I read her profile and
responded that she seemed nice too. For the next few months we
emailed each other as friends regularly. We became best friends
as we shared more and more about our lives, but it never crossed either
of our minds that God might have something more in store for us…until
Sunday, March 19, 2006. We were both going through breakups, and
as part of the moral support that best friends provide each other, we
had begun talking on the phone in addition to emailing. I was on
spring break and offered to make the 220 mile drive up to meet Cyndy
and her family. We will always treasure the moment we met face to
face: We hugged each other, looked into each other's eyes, and in that
moment we both knew that something special was beginning.

Soulmates By our second date we both knew that we had found our soulmates.
After watching "Cheaper by the Dozen II," we spent three hours in the
parking lot planning out our future TOGETHER! On the way home we
talked about our happy family lives, especially how Cyndy has always
wanted to stay near her parents so she could be there for them as they
were for her. That evening the Holy Spirit moved me to make a
life-changing decision: I would move to Michigan, when Cyn and I marry
and start our family.

We talked privately about marriage…and then on Sunday, June 11, 2006,
after Mass we were sharing a romantic, McDonald's picnic lunch in the
back of my pickup truck. Each of us had brought gifts to
commemorate our 6-month anniversary of meeting on CM, and for one of
mine …"Cyn, my angel," I said kneeling on one knee as I pulled a
small box from the gift bag, "in God's time, will you marry me?"
You can bet that plenty of hugs and photos followed my angel's answer
of "Yes!"

Cyndy and I shared the news with our four parents after Cyn's birthday
dinner, on June 21. We had gathered together in my living room so
I could give her the gift I had picked out for her. It was then that we
announced we had found our soulmates, and to our surprise our parents
were pleasantly surprised by our wonderful announcement. Both of
us went around hugging and showing all four of our parents/future
in-laws Cyn's beautiful ring. All six of us were together again
shortly after that, for a trip to Nevada last summer. Together we
all saw the Grand Canyon (see picture), toured Hoover Dam, and got to
know each other even better. That time together just proved even more
how blessed we both were, and how perfect we are for each other. THANK

Cynthia: By our second date we
had our wedding date picked out: July 7, 2007. We can't
wait! Right after we got back from our trip I, with the help of
Bob and my mom, dove right into making the wedding plans. We are
almost done; we have taken the necessary courses (Marriage
Preparations, Natural Family Planning, and Marriage Discovery Weekend)
through our church, and some extra classes (such as Theology of the

Bob: In the meantime, Cyn and I
cherish the weekends we get to spend together excitedly planning for
the big day, as well as our special times of talking, reading, and
praying together each night (her family was so nice to put me on their
cell phone plan!). I never even considered a long-distance
relationship, but isn't it amazing what God will do for those who walk
by faith and trust Him completely! Best of luck to all CM
members…may God's love and blessings be with you always :)


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