Flirt Fest Fantastic

Flirt Fest Fantastic

I (Susan) had just joined CM in September of 2005, and I started posting in the fora. I noticed a gorgeous Canuck who posted everything from sweet, romantic poems to funny jokes to his famous kitty pics. He put his whole self into his posts, and I noticed. I decided to flirt with him in one of the fora "Flirt Fests" and we started e-mailing each other. After a week or so we graduated to phone calls and were soon spending 4-6 hours a night on the phone. I missed the entire second season of Lost for him! LOL!

We had our first face-to-face in January 2006 when he made the trip from Edmonton to Southern California. I got to the airport to pick him up and the arrival screen said his flight was delayed. I was pacing for a while and noticed some nervous-looking people watching me. I decided to go to the ladies room for some last minute primping before the "big moment". I walked out of the bathroom and, bam, there he was! We stared at each other for a minute and I remember thinking "that can't be him, his plane isn't here yet". Well, it was him and thus started a beautiful relationship. Even my dogs were in love with him! We knew each other so well from the phone calls there were no surprises for either of us.

We continued our LDR, and in April I went to Canada to meet his family. Things went really well and he proposed shortly after that. He didn't move here until June, so I planned much of the wedding on my own. It was a small, very spiritual Mass on September 9, the day after Mary's birthday (and mine). We are both devoted to Our Blessed Mother, so we included her in the ceremony. We said a prayer and offered flowers to statues of the Holy Family during the mass and crowned a statue of Mary in the church courtyard afterwards.

We took a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii. One week was on Oahu and the other on a cruise of the islands. We had a wonderful time and it will always be a special place for us. There, and the ladies room at John Wayne airport! LOL. We even got to meet a famous forumite, Aloha Carl-111594 while we were there.

We both appreciate CM for bringing us together and wish you all the same success. Hans was on the site for four years before we met, so be patient!


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