She Never Saw It Coming

She Never Saw It Coming

Patrick and I became very close after our first correspondence. Once the
visits began, our relationship accelerated dramatically. Each visit brought new
and deeper feelings, and each day that went by easily reinforced our confidence
in the relationship we were creating. Our lives were inseparable and our love
indescribable. Finally, after a year of dating, Patrick made the proposal we
had both so eagerly anticipated.

He was visiting my family and me for Thanksgiving. We decided to take a picnic
out on the boat. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and everything was
perfect. The boat pushed off the bank and Patrick rowed us gently into the water.
As the wind began to take over, Patrick rested the ores and looked me deeply
into the eyes. With a smile, he told me he had a surprise for me. Excited not
only to be with him, but to receive a gift as well, brought instant joy to my
face. He pulled out a little green pouch and inside removed a silver heart
necklace. It was beautiful and I begged him to put it on me. After doing so, he
apologized for being unable to give a "better" gift. Unconcerned with
that sort of thing, I reassured him that I did not want anything more and
couldn't wait to wear it that night. Patrick began to smile at me and a funny
look came over him.

I was suspicious, but a proposal was farthest from my mind. Yet, before I
had time to figure out what would happen next, he pulled out a cherry wooden
box from his back pocket. My mouth dropped and the loving words soon followed.
As he steadily knelt, he said, "Baby, I love you. I am so happy that God
blessed me with you, and I hope with all my heart that I can be a good man for
you. Will you marry me?" Tears came to his eyes, bringing tears to my own.
We shook as we put the amazing ring on my finger. At that moment, I could do
nothing else but hug him and tell him how much I loved him. Looking for an
answer, he proposed again with a laugh. Immediately I said “YES…yes, I’ll marry
you.” Patrick had planned it all so well. He asked for my hand in his
consistent charming way. I never saw it coming, and once again he has made me
the happiest woman alive!

We are now engaged and dream about the future we will soon have together. It
amazes us still that we met online and yet were able to fall in love so easily.
The journey we have been on thus far has been nothing short of wonderful, and
the love between us is much more than I could hope for or deserve. God’s hand
is clearly evident to us both and we are confident that our future marriage and
the years that follow will be greater than anything we could dream of.
Together, Patrick and I have found the person we were made for.

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