Out of the Cocoon

Out of the Cocoon

In February of 2005, I (Kristin) had just about given up on Catholic
Match. I had several wonderful dates with some very good men, but had
yet to find one with whom I felt truly compatible. I had recently left
the site and then  re-joined to give it yet another shot–since
conventional means of dating seemed unfruitful to say the least. 

Disconcerted with the New York/New Jersey area, I broadened my search
to the entire eastern seaboard with the reasoning that perhaps I was
being a bit too narrow-minded.–and THANK GOODNESS I DID!  I came
across an attractive young man named Jonathan from Atlanta. 
Atlanta?  The south?  That's like another country! 

But alas, I sent the initial email.  I had noticed that he was not
yet Catholic, but toying with the idea of conversion.  After
sending forth a friendly encouragement, I thought if he were interested
I would hear back, if not, then no loss. I did hear back–quite a bit
to be honest! 

We emailed for about a month until he finally called me on March 31,
2005, just at the tail end of a vicious case of bronchitis!  I
must have sounded fabulous on the phone!  Since then, we have not
gone a single day without speaking.  My first airplane trip was on
April 27 to meet this mystery man.  Since that trip, I decided it
was time to be brave and look into leaving the cocoon of the NY Metro

I got a job in Atlanta and lived there for a year. We got to know each
other and decided that the northeast was a great place to live. 
Upon moving back, Jonathan got a spectacular job teaching Catholic
Theology and on my birthday in January, he asked me to be his
wife.  I was so thrilled.  Words cannot express!  My
encouragement to you is that you hold on for the good things that the
Lord WANTS to give you!  Be encouraged and know that he is God and
desires much for you, even when it isn't obvious.

Read Kristin & Jonathan's original relationship story .


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