Stories Of The Rosary

Stories Of The Rosary

In this month where the Catholic Church celebrates Our Lady of the Rosary, Aquinas & More offers 101 Inspirational Stories Of The Rosary, a beautiful and inspiring book containing stories that witness to the rosary's power to heal, convert, protect, and aid.

Includes Pope John Paul's complete text on the "Rosarium," history of the rosary, instructions for making, and guides for praying the rosary, plus a coupon to send for a free rosary from the Holy Cross Family Ministries.

Aquinas & More to order.

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  1. Ruby-991269 January 27, 2014 Reply

    The rosary is my favourite prayer. Even when I am down and don’t feel like praying, the rosary is still the prayer that I find myself making consciously or unconsciously. It lifts me from depths and reassures me that God’s grace still abounds.

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