In Their Own Backyard

In Their Own Backyard

For seven years Noel and I both lived in Boulder, CO and attended the same church. However, we never met. Then in 2003 we both set up our accounts and we were a match.

We started e-mailing each other, but both of us were busy with classes and work at the time and just e-mailed now and then. About two months after our first e-mail, I saw Noel in church and went over to say hello. Again, we were both very busy in our lives and it went a little longer until we started meeting for hikes, and for group activities with other friends.

I decided that Noel was not for me, and told him we would only be friendsm just to hike together at times. Noel stepped back a little bit, but continued to phone me. After another couple of months, I realized how nice a person and active Catholic, and what a man that Noel was. He sensed my change in outlook and asked me on a dinner date.

After that, we continued growing a friendship. We dated for about two years and then were engaged. About one year after our engagement, we were married at the church that we met in. We have been very happily married for a year now.

Even though we both were attending the same church for seven years, we never met until it was God's timing for us to do so. Even then, it took awhile. Building a friendship has been very important and very beneficial in our having a loving, faithfilled Catholic marriage today! We pray for single people everywhere that are hoping and desiring that God brings them a spouse to love and be loved by.

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