Skeptics No More

Skeptics No More

Elizabeth: Online dating really didn't hold too much appeal for me because I had tried a few other sites before CM with very few results. I really didn't think that I was going to meet some one like Josh on CM because, after all, it's email and instant messaging to each other. And there really is no way for you to cue off one another if you can't read facial expressions or hear their voice when you are talking to them. And that, for me, was a downside to the whole online dating scene.

But when I started talking to Josh it was different, because we had so much in common, and that made talking with him exciting. So after about three weeks we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers and started talking regularly. I think the first time Josh called we talked for almost two hours together about anything and everything!

A few months later after talking and emailing back and forth, when we met in person on our first date, I knew that Josh was really someone that I wanted to know better. We were already friends so it wasn't that hard to believe that there just might be something more in the future. I was more then happy to take my time and find out what that future might be. I think Josh knew before me that we were right for each other. In fact, he asked the second time we met if I thought we could have a more serious relationship in the future. I have to confess the question took me by surprise because my answer was yes. I remember thinking that this was an interesting conversation considering that this was only our second date, and then being completely blown away when he asked if marriage sounded good to me. Well, yes it did, but I wasn't saying yes to that question yet and I told Josh that he could ask me that question again is six months.

I think at that point it was obvious we would become closer. Although to be honest, I didn't want to think too much about Josh's question because I wasn't sure I wanted to rush through dating when we were having so much fun together!

Josh: I couldn't have put it better than she put it. I too, was a skeptic about online dating working because I had been a part of several dating sights that promised finding love and the right one, with no real fulfillment, so CM was a last resort for me. I decided to continue giving it a shot because if I found anyone I at least wanted them to be Catholic and at one with their faith. Elizabeth is that one

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