The Right Place To Meet

The Right Place To Meet

The CM site was the perfect place for Joe and I (Chris) to meet. We were both looking for someone with strong, traditional Catholic values. I found Joe within a few hours of signing on, whereas he had been a member for a few years before I beamed him a “smile” emotigram.

The profile format made it easy for us to understand a lot about each other. We spent one month e-mailing each other through CM before exchanging phone numbers. Then, we spent one month talking on the phone each evening before finally meeting face-to-face.

We knew quite a bit about each other before our first date, and it didn't take long before we both knew that we had found the right one. Joe proposed to me six weeks after our first date and we were married six months after his proposal. We were so thrilled that his 87-year old Uncle Franny, who is a priest, was able to marry us.

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  1. Benecia-578107 May 14, 2010 Reply

    Do not lost hope ms Shirley? There's someone for you out there……..Believe me..God Bless !!!!!

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