Desperation Paid Off

Desperation Paid Off

My (Jared) outlook on dating was pretty dim before I joined Catholic Match. I grew up reading books like "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Josh Harris, and thus had trouble connecting to the dating scene. I never had a long term relationship, mostly because none of the girls I met were a good match for my religious beliefs.

I was particularly skeptical of online dating. In fact, a friend and I dismissed online dating completely. We thought it was a desperate move, especially for our age. One week later, however, we had both joined Catholic Match.

Leslie sent me a message within a couple of hours of meeting, jokingly saying I should post some pictures. I hadn't even had time to pay for my membership yet. We started IMing consistently, and met in person about one month thereafter. On our first date we went bowling and colored in the local Mancinos. On the second date, I accidentally met her parents, sisters, and her sister's boyfriend (they had just returned from vacation).

Leslie and I hit it off right away. Neither of us were big on dating, and had no clue what we were doing. So we just sent each other messages and hoped we didn't sound creepy :) It was nice because neither one of us likes bars, and that leaves few options for meeting people. Church wasn't really an option for us, either. Leslie was from a small church where everyone knew each other, and I was moving away from all my Catholic friends.

Catholic Match helped me meet a girl who was compatible with me. We were there for the same reason (marriage), which was helpful. Most importantly, though, was that I knew Leslie shared my faith. The questions about Church teaching helped me sift through the girls who would have been a poor match for me.

CM was the best $30 I ever spent. Guys, consider this: for $30 you can either see a movie or have 30 days to find an amazing girl. The worst case scenario is you rent the movie later :)

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