Good Things Come In Small Packages

Good Things Come In Small Packages

In the world of Catholic Match Events, a world that grows each day and pushes people everywhere closer to the place they are called to be, most attention is focused on the “big” events–the weekend long blowout bashes that draw people from around the country, galvanize forum discussion both before and after and linger long in the memories of those who attended.

One can only think of the three straight events in Chicago, hosted by Tracy-57589, before she found the love of her life across the pond in the Emerald Isle. There were others, like the recently concluded CM Yosemite, or the now-traditional St. Patrick’s Day Gathering in St. Louis. Over the course of the four-year growth of Catholic Match Nation, big events have been held in all the large cities of the East Coast, down in Florida, in New Orleans, in Detroit and even at spring training in Arizona.

It all provides a unique opportunity for CM members, not just to meet people, but to see the country. But in any area of life, it’s important not to miss the small things in life. And in the world of CM events, that means not forgetting that the “smaller” activities. These might not be the ones that will have threads in the forums going for days at a time. And they might not have 75 people listed on the event page. But they offer unique opportunities for fellowship and relationship-building.

Most important, because they are local, those that attend, are in position—both geographically and financially–to follow up with those they meet and to build long-lasting friendships. One such movement took place in New York City in 2007, when members met regularly for Mass & Brunch, rotating the church each week. Other members in the Indianapolis area have gotten together regularly for monthly dinners. And surely there are others whose activities only need the light of more exposure to draw in more people.

Getting small events together doesn’t have to be that formalized. It can come up in checking out any of the other opportunities that exist on the CM Events Calendar. There have been a number of get-togethers in the Chicago area. Members have gathered for miniature golf, to the zoo to a night of swing dancing. A day at the races is just around the corner. And in the early part of this month, members will come from throughout the Midwest for a day at Great America.

These are just a few of the most recent examples. If we go back a few months, CMers in Denver got together for a night on the town. And New Year’s Eve in the heartland saw members congregate in South Dakota to usher in 2009.

If you’re budget doesn’t let you get out to the “big” events, never fear. Good things come in small packages. Long-term success in building community will come with activity at the grass-roots. That’s what the one-day local events can do at Catholic Match. Seeing people in your backyard increase your chances of finding the person you want to spend forever with. And the “worst” that can happen is that you make lifelong friends through CM events, the kind that make your ultimate marriage all the richer.

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