Strength In Shared Values

Strength In Shared Values

I (Susanne) was on Catholic Match in the fall of 2005. I didn’t really have a ton of expectations, because I had been on other match sites and was kind of jaded, to be honest. But I thought I would give it a shot.

Still, the time came when I had decided actually to get off CM, because I needed to save some money for Christmas. I was logged on visiting the forums for a bit, chatting with friends and saying my temporary goodbyes. I went back to the home page to cancel and there was his picture. I read his profile and noticed we had a lot in common and sent him an ice-breaker type of e-mail. He responded within a day or so and we chatted back and forth over email through Catholic Match as well as private email for a couple of months before meeting face-to -face.

We met on Dec. 30th of '05 and pretty much hit it off right away. He proposed on March 17th of 2006 and we were married eight months later in the church where I grew up. Our families were so similar growing up that our parents could nearly be interchangeable. The only difference is he has seven siblings, while I have only three. We both have the same values and a ton of similar likes/dislikes and we just agree to disagree when/if things ever start to get heated in conversations, or we compromise.

Tom's father, sadly, became suddenly ill and passed away right before our wedding so that was a sad thing for us to go through together so soon in our relationship but we made it through and we're still going strong! Shared value systems are key in a successful relationship…you can have different hobbies, you can have different backgrounds..but it is far easier to get along and stay that way if you have a shared value system to keep you grounded and focused on making your marriage work.

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  1. Maureen-364500 September 25, 2009 Reply

    What an inspiration! Kudos to you! I hope your lives together grow in God! Very important!!

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