Complete Trust In God

Complete Trust In God

It all started with prayers, more than anything else. About a year ago, before we met; we prayed to God, to help us find someone who has HIM in the center of his/her life.

It was November 2008, and he greeted me a day early on my birthday, with a matching birthday song, over the phone.(what a lovely voice!) After that first phone call, we felt "at home" with each other. We knew we lived 30 miles apart, but it did not matter. All we know is that He has guided our hearts to make the right choices,to communicate with the right person and to spend time and energy with someone we have a strong sense of a future with.

Our personality profiles matched wonderfully. We have a lot of shared interests, including music, culinary arts and most of all, our family values. It did not take us too long to decide that we are meant to be.

When you place your heart's desires in God's hands, He influences your decision and choices of people to meet. We are thankful to God that we have found each other. To love and to hold, to cherish and to care for, to be with, for the rest of our lives. August 8, 2009, we tied the knot, in front of God and of our family and loved ones. Praise God for His love and guidance. Praise God!

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  1. Clare-507082 November 24, 2009 Reply

    Alleluia! a dream come true.Just what I hope for too

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