A Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Smile

Catholic Match is a great online venue for meeting people with the same Catholic beliefs. As God and Catholicism are the #1 things in our lives, it was only natural that we both sought Catholi cMatch as a way to meet others within our faith when it was difficult to make time for activities at church that would allow us to meet other single folks.

We "met" in August 2007. Destry was serving in the Air Force, stationed in Great Falls, Montana, and I was back here in Houston, Texas. Destry found my profile and sent me a smiley telling me that he thought I had a beautiful smile. I was hesitant to communicate back since I had been looking only locally, but didn't want to miss out on getting to know a great guy, so we started emailing every day. We spoke to each other over the phone for the first time in late September 2007, and it was during that phone call that I knew this was my future husband. (I can't explain it!) I flew up to Montana in November so that we could meet face-to-face, finally, so our official, in-person first date took place on Nov. 9th, 2007. Needless to say, we fell in love!

Long-distance was difficult, we won't lie. Over the course of one year we only saw each other four times for a total of perhaps 20 – 30 days; but the big advantage to this was that the lack of physical proximity forced us to seek closeness through getting to know each other in a very in-depth way. Sometimes it takes couples a while before they're comfortable enough to talk about certain topics or to completely open up with the other person, but Destry and I did so much talking and sharing in an effort to be close that even just within the first week of our first phone call we had a really special insight into each other, and it was easy to tell if this was going to work out. Not living near each other made my few trips to Montana even more special. It was an occasion for celebration of being able to be together for a few days, to go out on dates, to enjoy being in the presence of each other. Long-distance also helped us to develop extremely effective communication and to build a deep trust in each other, which are both essential to make a long-distance relationship work. It worked so well for us that even when Destry came home from the military and had to go to school out-of-state for a month, it wasn't really a big deal.

Destry came home from the military for good in November of 2008, and on December 31, 2008, he proposed. We have enjoyed one year of blissful engagement! The wedding planning is officially over now, and we were married on January 9, 2010! Hoorah!

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