A Welcome Change Of Plans

A Welcome Change Of Plans

I believe that it was through God's will that John and I met. I am so thankful that Catholic Match was his tool that helped bring us together.

We had both tried dating in our respective towns through numerous venues. Some of these included local dating websites and singles events. However, we felt that all of them lacked something important. Somehow we both stumbled into CatholicMatch.com and we realized what we were lacking. We were missing God in our search for finding the right person. Instead of searching for that perfect mate we realized that it was in God's hands to do it.

When I joined CatholicMatch.com I decided to expand my search criteria to different cities. I had never dated someone long distance and never considered it. However, I had this feeling that I should do so. I included distances up to 4-6 hours away. When I saw John's profile and saw that he was from Nashville, I knew that it was a 3.5 to 4 hour drive from Lexington. That seemed so far away, but thought I would send him a message anyway.

John and I corresponded through Catholic Match's e-mail almost daily. We then felt comfortable enough to give each other our personal e-mail. This then led to phone numbers. We talked through email during the day and on the phone at night. We decided to physically meet the weekend after Valentine's Day in 2008. We both remember how nervous we were. However, we were both excited as well. The moment John walked through the door in Lexington I knew he was the one.

Long Distance relationships are sometimes portrayed as difficult obstacles. However, if you have two people who are willing to put in the time and effort to make it succeed then it can't fail. Thank goodness we were two of those people. John still lives in Nashville and I still live in Lexington, but almost every other weekend one of is on the road to see each other.

On January 5th 2008 I sent John a "high five". On December 24th 2009 he asked me to marry him and I said yes! I truly believe that if we stop and listen to what God wants and not what we want, then his plan for us will unfold. If any of you haven't considered long distance relationships please do. You don't know if it's in God's plan for you to meet your perfect mate this way.

Thank you CatholicMatch.com for being the tool that helped me become the future Mrs. Kristina Dickson.

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