Newlyweds Forever

Newlyweds Forever

Lisa and Ryan met on Catholic Match in October of 2005. He lived in
Michigan at the time and she lived in Iowa. Neither were looking to
move anytime soon. Lisa received a general e-mail from Ryan via
Catholic Match. She hadn't been looking for men outside of the state of
Iowa but for some reason she decided to check his profile out. Ryan's
profile was extremely detailed. Lisa loved EVERYTHING he had to say on
it, working late and sitting in her office cubicle, she printed off the
profile to show her parents because she was convinced she had found the
perfect guy…with one exception, he lived in Michigan!

After lots of
instant messaging, e-mails, and finally phone calls, they
decided to meet in Chicago for a weekend. Lisa was going to be
traveling there with her best friend at the end of November so it would
be the perfect chance to meet face to face. Ryan and Lisa immediately
hit it off. They still remember vividly the first time they laid eyes
on each other. It was meant to be. On December 27th, 2006 Ryan proposed
on a Christmas ornament. Lisa was so happy and said YES! It was the
best Christmas present ever!

Ryan soon made the move to Iowa. They were
married September 26, 2008. Ryan gave a very funny toast about the
first time they e-mailed and the first time they spoke and finally fell
in love. The first time Ryan e-mailed Lisa via Catholic Match, he also
sent out about 30 other e-mails to other women. Turns out Lisa was the
ONLY one to respond. God knew he needed it to be obvious for Ryan. Then
the first time they spoke, Ryan basically interviewed Lisa for 3
hours…What do you think about children?, Do you go to church every
Sunday?, Do you like Red Wings hockey?, Are you really a chef?,
How recent are your photos on your profile?…the questions went on and
on. Luckily Lisa got the okay!

Lisa and Ryan truly are living happily
ever after. They went to Disney World for their honeymoon and are still
having a blast. They plan to be newlyweds for the rest of their lives!
Thanks to God and of course Catholic Match!

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  1. Rosario K. November 22, 2012 Reply

    I also meet my husband through this web site and we’re married 13 months ago.

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