A Welcome Flight Delay

A Welcome Flight Delay

Luke and I met on Catholic Match on October 25th, 2009. He is from Illinois and I'm from Arkansas. We talked on the phone every night for four hours so we finally decided to meet. We met in St. Louis in November, Friday the 13th. Crazy, but definitely not a bad thing. I knew Luke was the one. We just had so much in common. So we went out that night had a great time, then we stayed in are separate hotel rooms then woke up the next morning and ate breakfast together. Then we went up in the Arch. It was great, something I will never forget.

Then we parted are ways and went back home. I was very heartbroken as was he, to have to leave but then we called each other everyday for another month and half until December 26. And what was supposed to be a suprise was not a suprise at all–I flew up to see Luke and stayed at his parents for a week. It was so much fun being on Luke's farm and spending everyday with him and his family and friends.

I was supposed to go back the 29th of December. My plane got delayed and I decided to stay longer. But then I applied at a job that was just like my job in Arkansas, and I told myself if I got the job, then I would move there to be with him. So I flew home on Jan 1, 2010 and that Wednesday I got a phone call at 5:30pm saying that i got a interview for the job. So I flew back up to illinois and did the interview. What was only supposed to be a part-time position turned into a full-time position with benefits, so I flew back home, packed all my things said bye to my family.

Luke came and got me, which now looking back was all well worth it. He proposed to me Februrary 20th 2010, in my car, before we went out with some friends, saying you could not look more beautiful then you do right now so will you please marry me. I said yes of course. It was the best night of my life ever and I love spending everyday with him. I can't wait to get married in October so I better get going, 'cause I have a wedding to plan. Good luck to everyone on Catholic Match. You will find someone, just have patience.

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  1. Anne-344007 April 11, 2010 Reply

    Very happy for you —and enjoyed your story

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