Meant To Be

Meant To Be

We first met in September of 2009. I (Elaine) was attending a show at the Janesville Performing Arts Center and Tom was volunteering as an usher that evening. We exchanged glances throughout the evening and after running into each other in the parking lot we chatted and eventually exchanged phone numbers. Several days later we met for our first date.

Several months went by without further communication until eHarmony sent Tom to me as a match! This seemed like an amazing event until only days later Catholic Match presented him as a match as well! It was then that we began communicating on a regular basis. We were both perusing other relationships so in the beginning our e-mails were just friendly. The more we talked, however, the more interested we became. One day out of the blue, as I was painting the wall in my living room, I received a very interesting phone call from Tom! We hadn’t spoken on the phone in months so imagine my surprise when we planned a second date for March 7th! We have been inseparable ever since.

Just before Tom and I met, I had started taking RCIA classes to become Catholic. On our first date, Tom had been very interested in hearing about why I was choosing to convert. When we began dating exclusively five months later, we started going on “church dates”. Some of these dates included attending Mass, Stations of the Cross, Penance Mass, and even the Easter Vigil Mass where I was confirmed into the Catholic Church! It was so wonderful to share that experience and to have Tom by my side supporting me (and taking wonderful pictures). Recently we have enjoyed taking Marriage Prep classes! Yes, it’s true…WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! On April 23, 2010, at the highest point overlooking Devil’s Lake, Tom got down on one knee and proposed. We will be married in the Catholic Church on New Year's Eve, 2010!

Almost every night before we go our separate ways, or else over the phone we pray together and thank God for bringing us together. While we cannot always see God's plan for us, we know to trust in the Lord and give thanks. He is at the center of our lives and our relationship!

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