From Mother Teresa To Julia Roberts: A Two-Week Review

On Sept. 2 CatholicMatch launched “Faith, Hope & Love,” a blog named after our members, who demonstrate limitless faith, hope and love. The blog is updated at least once a day and, two and a half weeks into it, already has served up a ton of great content. Here’s a quick review.

Award-winning Catholic writer Maria Wiering has examined “emerging adulthood,” pondered the impact of debt on a budding romance and pointed out the absence of prayer in Julia Roberts’ new blockbuster “Eat Pray Love.”

A Q&A with acclaimed author Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle about her friendship with Mother Teresa elicited the most Facebook action to date with 103 “likes.” And high-profile contributors Molly Mesnick from ABC’ s “The Bachelor” and Angela Baraquio, Miss America 2001, have both shared personal reflections.

Look for more posts from CM employees and profiles of CM members in coming weeks. And be sure to share the blog with fellow singles who have not yet joined CM.

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  1. DionysiaDamayanti-497168 September 26, 2010 Reply

    There are three points of the Catholic Basic, i.e. faith, hope, and love. During our lives in this earth, we need all of these three points. We still need faith to the JESUS CHRIST who is our savior. We can avoid our despair feeling when we have hope in JESUS CHRIST. And we can live happily when we rely on the love of JESUS CHRIST who makes us love each other too.

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