Speaker Pelosi + Rep. Boehner = Not A Match

Not A Match?

Amid screaming political ads and ubiquitous billboards, CatholicMatch is adding a dose of romantic comedy to the heated midterm elections. The dating site’s latest ad juxtaposes Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative John Boehner, their heads framed in hearts, pointing out that while these two aren’t a match, “you can find yours” on CatholicMatch.

The red-white-and-blue ad marks a divergence from the typical color palette and topic of a CatholicMatch ad, and it’s all in the name of fun, says co-founder Brian Barcaro, who came up with the idea. The ad is running on Drudge Report, among other sites, in the two weeks leading up to Nov. 2. It has sparked a lively discussion in one of CatholicMatch’s Facebook photo albums.

Brian says he couldn’t resist injecting a little levity into the contentious political scene. “We want to encourage love, not bickering.”

Indeed, CatholicMatch breeds harmony, forming a more perfect union – one couple at a time.

Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner Humor Ad

Full size version of the ad which is or will be seen on websites such as the DrudgeReport & Huffington Post as well as other political oriented sites.

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