Set Up By A Mutual Friend

Kristin and Chris' mutual friend of God brought them together.

Kristin & Chris were set up by a mutual friend—the Ultimate Friend, that being God himself, as Kristin put it. They had each been encouraged by their friends to try CatholicMatch. After finding each other, they found the hand of Divine Providence still there. They had a mutual acquaintance from their past, one that served as a solid reference for each one. It was something that raised their comfort level as they pursued a relationship with each other. Today they are engaged, and they credit strong communication as the reason. The need to communicate their thoughts in writing early on gave them a strong foundation to share thoughts on faith and other potentially difficult issues. With that foundation in place, they are well-situated for a strong marriage…with their Mutual Friend still overseeing it all.

Other success stories…

Peter and Patricia each were skeptics of online dating, but were willing to give it a try. Common interests made their relationship work. They shared fun activities with each other—not just dinner, but concerts, theater, skiing, golf, tennis and the simple joy of sharing sunsets. With all their children, grandchildren and siblings present, they were married this past July. For such an active couple, a honeymoon to Bermuda was an appropriate celebration. Today they live in Richmond and share prayer and daily Mass with each other.

Sharon tried to brush Tom off, but the very tactic she used, gained her a husband instead of costing her a friend. Tom wrote a nice note to Sharon complimenting her on her profile. She didn’t share his interest, but wanted to be polite, so she sent him a link to her Facebook account. “I figured he’d check out my Facebook page, get bored, and I’d never hear from him again. But then he started chatting with me and actually had some interesting things to say.” They went on to set up a first date. Tom chastised himself on one point. As excited as he was, he didn’t give a lot of thought to his appearance. Sharon’s reaction was “Big dork. Sweet guy.” She decided the latter was more important and today they are married. “Those thoughts have expanded with time, she joked. “But remain unamended, to the best of my knowledge.”

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