The Office Prankster: Jason LaFosse Goes Bananas At CM

Office pranksters and rotten bananas make for a dangerous combination.

Every office has someone who keeps people on their toes, not sure what to expect next. Someone who keeps things light. Someone who – well, let’s be frank –someone’s who’s half-nuts. Inside the walls of CatholicMatch, that someone is practical-joker extraordinaire Jason LaFosse.

I’ve already exposed Mr. LaFosse’s passion for fooseball. Practical jokes run a close second, and a naïve Midwesterner like myself was a dream target. (My mom met my dad after he sold her on a line that he was in town with a traveling circus, and I inherited much of her innate ability to fall for anything).

In one particularly memorable occasion, Jason beckoned me outside to my car to find out who I’d ticked off. There were bullet holes in the side. After a brief panic, it became apparent that Jason had plastered little splotches of silver with a dark hole on them along the sides – nothing that couldn’t be easily peeled off.

In another episode, I handed him the raw material for his gag. I was known for eating the same thing day after day in the office, and at this particular juncture, bananas were the lunch of choice (since getting married I’ve been banned from falling into eating ruts).

I’d bring the bananas in from the grocery store on a weekly basis so I didn’t have to pack each morning. Unfortunately, I forgot that one set of bananas was there and it stayed week…after week…after week. One day I got a package, all stamped with a major banana manufacturer’s label (I forget offhand which one), given to me by the former office manager, Diane, whom I thought was my trusted friend but really was enlisted as Jason’s accomplice. Inside the box were the bananas…in all their blackened glory.

To paraphrase the Gospel of John, there were many other stunts Jason pulled which are not recorded here. But these are written so that you might believe that he’s man on the edge. And now that these stories are coming to light on this blog, a reminder to Jason that payback’s hell.

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