Success Stories In Brief

Cynthia and Michael crossed the Texarkana border to find each other and build a new family

Cynthia came to Catholic Match with moderate expectations. She was just looking to meet new people and wasn’t thinking in terms of meeting the love of her life. Three months after signing up in 2007 she made initial contact with Michael. After a couple months, the Texas girl and the Arkansas boy agreed to meet. “As soon as I met him, I felt like this I was right”, Cynthia told CatholicMatch. “And lucky for me, he felt the same.” They took their time and spent 2008 continuing to get to know each other. On New Year’s Day of 2009 they were engaged, married in October and now they are expecting their first child.

Bridget and Morgan were literally a stone’s throw from each other. Upon finding each other on CatholicMatch, they found out she worked at an elementary school right behind his house. “Chances were we had probably already seen each other before!”, she said. They met a restaurant both were familiar with and after some initial nervousness the conversation flowed freely. “According to Morgan I cinched the deal by telling him that my favorite movie was The Princess Bride”, Bridget said. With Morgan, she played a bride for real and they were married in September.

Fritz and Janet are testament to the importance of patience of letting people grow into a relationship at their own place. After a couple dates, Janet was prepared to go in a different direction. Fritz patiently persisted and they continued to see each other. “The last two months have turned into a very close, loving friendship”, Fritz said. They are now dating each other exclusively and waiting to see what the future holds.

Scott chose to be bold and found Liana as his reward. She had a statement in her profile that said a long-distance relationship wasn’t for her. Given they lived a thousand miles apart that would seem to rule Scott out. “Once I got to know him I was instantly dazzled by his witty personality and his charming good lucks. Liana has decided to give an exclusive relationship a chance even if on the surface the odds seem steep.

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