A Yearning For Spring, A Need For Easter

Through Lent, God promises us a joyful Easter.

We may have already technically ushered in the spring season on March 21, but the unusually cold temps and abundance of snow in the upper Midwest suggests sandals and shorts weather lie far in the distant future for some of us.

My routine laments for this drawn-out winter has me yearning for spring in the deepest way. I need the Vitamin D. I need to sit outside at Target Field wearing a worn baseball cap. I need the cabin trips, the Saturday morning walks with a friend and the green grass that I know lies deep beneath the thick snowpack.

I don’t need spring. I need Easter.

Our four-season calendar year is one way to track time, but our faith offers us another alternative. We are in the midst of Lent, and as many CatholicMatchers have eloquently described in their guest blog posts, this season is a time of sacrifice, waiting and re-dedication to our God.

Patience is not my strong suit, and I am left yearning for the resurrection of Christ and the celebration of Easter Sunday more than ever before. More than a desire for warmer temps and longer days, I need God’s grace and peace to sustain me through this season so that I may enjoy the multitude of blessings awaiting me at the end of my Lenten journey.

May each of us, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving this Lenten season, cultivate a child-like anticipation of the Easter season. On April 24, I will be at Mass with my family wearing the brightest, most spring-like dress in my closest, smiling with understanding that God, through each and every season, always provides.

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