Joe & Anna Are Discerning A Future Together


Joe & Anna were both in their seventies, but neither resident of northern California had any intention of slowing down. She’s active as a substitute teacher and tutor, while Joe remains active in the search for someone special.

Their first date didn’t come off as planned, after Joe had met someone else and in the interest of being straightforward, told Anna it was best they not meet. But that situation didn’t work out, he reactivated his CatholicMatch profile and there proved to be a second opportunity.

“Anna and I met for coffee and conversation which last four hours,” Joe recalled. “The chemistry was obviously there and we decided that we wanted to get to know each other on a deeper level.”

The couple has broached the subject of marriage, but is choosing to take it slow and make sure it’s right. Joe put it in the right perspective. “When we’re thinking about eternity together it is worth the time to go slow.” Whatever the future holds, the passion with which both Joe and Anna engage life and the perspective they exhibit, are surely the path to good things ahead.

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