Mary Margaret Fell In Love With Robert’s Sweet Face


Mary Margaret had experienced heartache at a young age, as the 33-year-old from South Carolina had suffered through the ending of her first marriage. But she came to CatholicMatch ready to begin anew and in Robert, 30-years-old and from Georgia, she’s at least on the right path.

It was last month that Mary Margaret saw what she called “Robert’s sweet face” and a series of messages through CatholicMatch eventually led to phone conversations. “Our personalities clicked immediately,” she recalled. They decided it was worth the time to get together in person.

On their first meeting the connection was obvious. “It truly was like we had always known each other,” Mary Margaret told CatholicMatch. “It brought the warmth of coming home into my life again.” Anyone who has been through the pain of a failed marriage surely appreciates these words from the heart.

It’s very early in the relationship, but good things have already come. “We are certainly able to grow in friendship and in Christ,” she said. “I can’t wait to see where this relationship goes.” The next step is a meeting in Charleston, as he comes up to visit her. “I am already counting down the days,” Mary Margaret said excitedly.

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