On The Seventh Day Romeo & Rosie Met


It was this past March that Rosie created her profile on CatholicMatch. It was seven days later that 44-year-old who lives on the Rio Grande Valley in Texas got an emotigram from Romeo, one year older and living in the same area. It set up a series of exchanges that ended up with him offering his phone number.

On a Monday, Rosie gave Romeo a call and in spite of their irregular work hours, they made it a point to talk for an hour or so each day for the next five days. And then on the seventh day, they met in person.

“This was on a Sunday…”, Rosie recalled. “By Monday we felt we were a match made in heaven and have been dating ever since.” The couple has some work to do with regards to her previous marriage, where she is seeking her annulment. Romeo has also lived through the end of his first marriage, though he is free to marry in the Church.

The couple is excited about what the future holds. “I never had children with the first marriage,” Rosie told CatholicMatch, “so I look forward to having a child or children with my new husband.”

Romeo & Rosie attend Mass together on a weekly basis and have built their relationship on this foundation. “People might say we moved a bit too quick, but this feels very right and true to the heart,” she said gratefully. “We look forward to God’s Blessing!”

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