Technology Helped Dave & Shirley Bridge The Nation


The entire continental United States separated David and Shirley when they came to CatholicMatch. He lives in New Jersey, while she resides in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. But technology and commitment bridged the gap.

Both 53-year-old Shirley, and David, three and a half years younger, were looking for second chances at love, after the ending of their first marriages. They found each other on CatholicMatch and felt the connection quickly.

“…We’ve been sending e-mail, text messages and talking on Skype,” Shirley said, recalling the ways the couple has used the tools of the 21st century to make their relationship happen. “I’ll be going to New Jersey and Memorial Day weekend to meet Dave and his kids.”

Nothing is official as of yet, but David’s desire is for Shirley to move east and be with him. Time will tell if this is a relationship meant for the altar, but it’s off to a tremendous start and they are both excited and optimistic about the future.

 “Dave and I are committed to each other,” Shirley told CatholicMatch. And with that commitment comes the willingness to do what’s necessary to bring about good things.

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