Phillie Med Student Meets Jeanette On Palm Sunday

Bryan and Dawn were engaged last March

From East to West, CatholicMatch members are connecting with the person of the dreams. Faith, Hope & Love is happy to introduce three of them today…

Luis and Jeanette are from the northwest suburbs of Baltimore. Luis is a dedicated striver, working on growth in his faith while he attends medical school in Philadelphia. The oldest of five children says with heartfelt conviction: “I strive to be a gentleman…I am very excited to be a husband and father.”

We don’t yet know if Jeanette will be his life’s partner, but we do know that after meeting on CatholicMatch and then getting together for the first time last Palm Sunday, that their relationship has grown and flourished. They are both from the same area and it’s well possible they might have met through their interacting social circles, “but CatholicMatch definitely accelerated that process,” Luis told us. It’s an exciting time for him and Jeanette as they consider the possibilities together and CatholicMatch hopes their love continues to grow.

Going out west to California, Mike and Diane were both looking to find someone with the same faith and moral beliefs, the common thread that binds CatholicMatch members and is so elusive in the “regular” dating scene. They found each other here online and after two years of dating have decided to become engaged. “We are so happy that we found each other…We wish all the best to all singles looking for their match” they told CatholicMatch.

Finally coming back to the East and the state of Virginia, it was back in October of 2009 that Bryan and Dawn began to exchange e-mails on CatholicMatch and after finding out how much they had in common arranged a date less than a month later. “Everything just clicked for us,” Dawn said. “Bryan asked me to marry him on March 6, 2010.” They are featured in the photo above.

What ultimately makes success stories like these? Read through them and you see a wide variety in the way people meet and how they approach their relationship. One thing that is always present, however, is a willingness to take a risk for the prospect of a richer life. Luis and Jeanette, Mike and Diane, Bryan and Dawn, all had that.

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