God’s Timing Trumps: A First-Day Emotigram That Worked

God's Providence all clicked into place for Lauren and Aaron

Lauren wasn’t an enthusiast for online dating. When she was going to college, it seemed to her like an act of desperation. But the difficulties of meeting people once she started on her career path opened her up to the idea. And she got a good recommendation from a college friend. “Since she didn’t match the ‘desperate’ stereotype I had in mind, I began to consider it.”

This past June she joined CatholicMatch and returned to her childhood home of Indiana. But her old friend had moved on and getting re-settled was a difficult task. Lauren was also hoping to work in the Catholic Church, and was realistic about the prospects for social connections.

“Let’s face it,” she said, “Catholic churches aren’t exactly brimming with single young adults.”

It only took one day for CatholicMatch to start working for Lauren. She got an emotigram from Aaron. After a week of messages and calls, they decided to get together. The timing was truly providential—Aaron hadn’t given up on the site, and with his subscription just a few days from expiration, Lauren didn’t waste time once she found him. Since that first date, they’ve been together ever since.

Finding Aaron has just been one way that God has pulled Lauren’s life together into Indiana. She soon got her dream job as a parish music director. Aaron then bought a home in the same town in which her church was.

“I feel so blessed to have Aaron in my life,” Lauren told CatholicMatch. “He is everything I have ever hoped for, and more. In him I have found a loving and loyal companion, as well as a best friend. I feel that in Aaron I have finally found someone who shares my faith, my commitment to family, and my dreams for the future.”

Whatever the future holds for Aaron and Lauren, it is surely a bright one. While CatholicMatch was able to play a small role, God’s providence and the cooperation of a faith-filled man and woman are the biggest components of any success.


  1. God’s timing is really perfect. i am filled with hope that my time will also come. more blessings for Lauren and Aaron.

  2. Inspiring story……just proved that anything is possible to God……..and hope to find mine in HIs time. May the Almighty God lead you both to the altar……..Good Luck!!!!!!

  3. Rock and Roll :)

  4. Wow!

  5. You two are adorable!

  6. I hope you A. & L. have a life long adventure together and those who are about to rock, we salute you.

  7. God bless you!

  8. An emotigram can definitely be typed be the Holy Spirit’s finger….

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