Lynne Baked Cookies, Anthony Wrote Poetry

Lynne & Anthony were featured in the new issue of FAITH magazine

Congrats to Lynne and Anthony for being featured as the cover story of the latest issue of Faith magazine! Check out their story here. It begins:

Anthony Hsu made the investment of a lifetime when he took advantage of a sale on While other online dating sites charged up to $250, was offering a six-month subscription for $60 in honor of St. Raphael, patron saint of single people.

“It was a good deal,” Anthony grins. “I said a prayer and signed up, then forgot about it for a few months. When I checked it again, I saw Lynne’s profile…just before I left on a medical mission trip to Guatemala.”

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  1. Armando-560540 May 14, 2011 Reply

    Brilliant, I just know by the grace of God, the right woman will be there when my prayers are answered as well. It’s just a matter of time before it happens me & you all who are looking for the right person. Congrats to Lynne & Anthony by Armando(Ace).

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