Marie Osmond’s Remarriage: Same Dress, Same Groom

Marie Osmond remarried her first husband wearing the same dress

Nearly 30 years after their first marriage (and subsequent divorce), Marie Osmond, 51, and former pro basketball player Stephen Craig, 54, got married for a second time.

They were wed today in a private ceremony at a Las Vegas Mormon temple. She managed to squeeze into the same dress she donned in her 1982 wedding to Stephen. “I can’t breathe, but I’m in it,” she told People magazine.

Marie hadn’t initially planned to make the lacy, long-sleeved gown her “something old,” but the dress she had had specially designed for the occasion wasn’t right, she said, and this one popped up unexpectedly five days ago when she was cleaning her garage. “All of a sudden this box showed up in this pile of stuff,” she said.

It is not uncommon for people to remarry an ex-spouse, sometimes after years of separation  or even, in Marie’s case, marriage to someone else. Marie’s first instinct was the right one, says her brother Donny. “These two people are right for each other,” he told ET.

“I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children,” said Marie, who has a son, Stephen, 28, with Craig.

What do you think of this, CatholicMatchers? Do you know anyone who remarried an ex-spouse? What kind of wisdom (or folly) lies in that second marriage?


  1. First of all, I think they both look great for being in their young fifties. Second time around, has to do with the couple. People grow and mature and change for the better. It did not work for Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, so time will tell. God Bless them both. Hope they stay together this time. : )

  2. Prayers ascending for both!

  3. Excuse me, is this catholic match or

    • Nathalie, I found your post FANTASTIC and can’t stop laughing!!! My Goodness!!!! I share your doubt but still think we should pray for the blessings of God to fall upon them so that they will convert and be truly happy!!! At least they are not in a polygamist marriage…

  4. Is he the father of her 8 children, or just the one? Oh well, the important thing is that they share the same Faith and they are loving people, in my view. I’ve always liked Marie Osmond, and wish the best for her.

  5. We all carry a torch…Sue from South Plainfield are you still there??? You still have my heart after 10 years!!!

  6. Holy False and Ecumenism, Batman!!!! Way to go, Catholic Matchers!!! If you truly wish for their happinesss, pray for their conversion (and your own salvation, while your at it) Why should St. Michael fight for us when we can’t even fight for Us?

  7. While I do not agree with the LDS faith, I think that the original intent for the poster was to ask what we thought of SECOND weddings to the SAME person. . . without a marriage in between, and this was an example that involved a celebrity of another faith. I think its wonderful and pray it will be successful, and that someday they may know true communion by joining in union with our Faith through conversion.

  8. I know many people who divorced, remarried someone else, divorced again, and ended up remarrying their first spouse; your first choice is usually the best.

  9. I hope they make it work this time.

  10. It’s nice to see some are given a second chance in life! I wish them both well!

  11. 5/11/11
    Liked the story. May they finish out their days on earth together !!! Happy news.

    (Note: another celebrity has a sad story. The pending divorse of Maria & Arnold, the former Gov. of CA.) SAD.


  12. I really hope whichever of her marriages was VALID works out in the end! In charity I hope that this is the one and that they’ll have the grace to sustain it. I think it’s a sweet story!

    re: the Schwarzenegger/Shriver breakup referenced below, I heard a rumor that Arnie was trying to get Maria back. I don’t know if he did something inexcusable, but I really hope they can patch things up. Political adversary or no, I still wish him well!

  13. Having multiple husbands (even if not at the same time) is just “licensed” bigamy. At the church doesn’t recognize divorce, there would be nothing wrong with a couple remarrying the same person, as long as there was not a marriage in between. As this is a Catholic site, you should have found a Catholic couple who remarried. Mormons are not even Christian. A Mormon women without a husband is in danger of “not being called out of the grave” by her husband, and missing ruling their own planet (where the husband can take multiple wives). I should know; I almost married one.

  14. I’m just jealous that she could still fit into her dress after 30 yrs!! And yes, I know that LDS are not true Christians but I have to applaud her and Kate Middleton for not showing up to their weddings, in a house of worship, half naked like today’s brides ….and without shame too. How sad.

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