Oprah, Good For Single Catholics?

Oprah Winfrey's final episode airs today

After 25 years, The Oprah Winfrey Show comes to a close today on network television. Will you be watching her final episode?

In the weeks leading up to this moment, dozens of A-list celebrities have been singing Oprah’s praises, anointing her with grand titles and crediting her with mammoth achievements.

When it comes to single Catholics, Oprah is notable for two reasons.

One, she has never married her long-time, low-profile boyfriend Stedman Graham. The two were engaged in November 1992 but later decided they would rather have a “spiritual union.” Odd language for those of us who believe a Catholic wedding confers sacramental grace, creating a true spiritual union.

No doubt Oprah’s decision to forgo marriage influenced some fans to do the same. She is among a growing number of Americans – now reaching nearly one-third – who never marries.

Two, Oprah has eschewed traditional religions in favor of an expansive spirituality. She talks about meditating more than praying. She has expressed a belief in a higher power but has opted to not define it. She’s made a point to avoid the word “God,” describing instead “the voice inside myself” as a source of guidance.

(For the record, Oprah invited the Dominican Sisters of Mary in Ann Arbor on her show last year and presented them in a fair, sometimes positive light. Oprah acknowledged their peaceful temperaments and her correspondent Lisa Ling described their lives as “liberating.”)

How do you see Oprah? Has she influenced you? What is her legacy?


  1. She has many nice qualities but not great Christian ones which is very disappointing, so I dont take a lot of her thinking seriously it is a bad example as far as I am concerned

  2. It’s a good thing Oprah’s show is ending because her ideas have poisoned a generation of women and has helped paganize America.

  3. I never watch Oprah but was curious to see how she went out. I was also surprised to hear her actually speak about God. It was very unexpected. I get why people dig her, but overall, I just don’t get the obsession. Oh well…she had an amazing 25 years and cheers to her!

  4. I am not a fan of talk shows like Opera.Would prefer to watch Catholic View for Women.

  5. I many times would call her “Queen Oprah” for her power, money & influence. She did bring up some good health issues for women & some men, but when I would see some really liberal guests on her show I would just switch the station or turn the t.v. off. Also, her book lists continue to play an influential role in what people will read.

  6. Lo! The so-called “Age of Enlightenment!” We live in an age and time during which, only folks perceived as uneducated, hold themselves out as working to live inside of an explicit faith-and-morals background, as espoused by Our Lord and Saviour, and by his holy Church, and by Sacred Scripture. I sense that Oprah fits into this current overall age and time framework to pretend to be seemingly “educated” and up-to-date. In order to avoid the risk of appearing “uneducated,” she is wrapped up in herself. Think about this: How many times have we seen, for example inside “Match.com,” that many, many, many folks describe themselves as “spiritual, but not religious” ??? Horrors!!! Let us remember these folks in our prayers.
    Joan in Houston

  7. Lynea-297530 September 1, 2013

    Oprah is bad for everyone.

  8. Lisa-1036985 December 4, 2013

    Well, growing up in the American South, there were two women who were untouchable- Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfrey. I understand talk shows have a reputation, and I understand her faith is inclusive, but I’ve always felt that she carries herself with grace- I’ve been told otherwise, but that’s still how I see her.
    Sorry to see her show go, but glad for my younger years when we’d come home after school and watch it.

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