Poll: What’s The Hardest Part Of Being Single?

Being single can be lonely, CatholicMatch members admit

Being single isn’t easy, and when asked about the greatest challenge, CatholicMatch members had plenty of responses.

“Going home after work, with the house dark, talking to the walls – and raking the lawn by yourself is just lonesome.”  – Michaela-426347

“Going to so many events alone.”  – Lynn-189934

“Not having someone to hug, hold, slow dance with, kiss, share the good and the bad with, pray with…”  – Joani-635660

“Remaining loyal and steadfast to God’s will.”  – Adrian-504270

“The silence…it really is deafening.”  – Patrick-235584

“I miss the sharing of lots of things, a knowing smile, a favorite treat, a secret joke, a hug given or received, the simple touch of someone touching my arm, the words and conversation about them and their life, and them wanting to know about me and my day…”  –Loretta-678584


How about you? What do you consider the greatest challenge of single life?


  1. The hardest part is every day life with no one to care about you personally.

  2. One of the things that I miss is just having a nice conversation after coming home from work or just simply asking and being asked…”how was your day”?

  3. The most difficult thing about being single is having someone to lean on. To have someone say to you, “don’t worry about it honey, I’ll take care of it” and they do. That is the most difficult. I have friends and they are either married or have a boyfriend or girlfriend and they have that support system. I want that too. I deserve that. I am going to get it soon. I believe that with all my heart for God is good and He wants me to be married and have it all. It is just a matter of being patient and listening to God’s plan for me. Happy Mother’s Day. : )

  4. It is very lonely being single. Having family and friends help.

  5. Being close to someone special; the warmth & caring of a special relationship, & definitely sharing things – big & small!!

  6. My biological mum and some of my friends/acquaintances are pressuring me to find a husband but my home stay mum is pressuring me too much. I told her I would like my future husband a practicing Catholic and I don’t like if there’s a huge age gap but she keeps asking her friends (50’s) to meet me or even dragged me to the newspaper company to publish myself once. I don’t want to hurt her but she doesn’t respect my decision as well. I love living with them because a lot of people staying in their home from different countries and I don’t feel home sick but she is driving me nuts.

  7. Visits home, alone, to major family functions (i.e. – annual reunions, weddings of relatives, holiday’s). I am one the last remaining to, ‘hold out’. The question of when I will, ‘finally’, get married and have kids, keeps popping up. I find it much more difficult, as time goes by, to continue smiling and pretending that I am not completely irritated by well-meaning, yet insensitive inquires, into my personal life.

  8. I really do miss a good hug now and then – I make my grown sons hug me when I get to see them and sometimes I just hold on a bit longer than they would like….

  9. I miss male companionship. I am always busy with church, bible study, prayer groups, etc. movies , lunch ,club meetings, all with Female friends. I long for a man to hold me close again, brush my hair away from my face, hold my hand, and most of all daily hugs, squeezes, and swaying together to a favorite song, to take away the lonliness.

  10. Lack of social Life

  11. Not being able to start a family…That is really hard on me.

  12. holidays. my family is very large, and very close. its hard to be a part of the wonderful gatherings, when i am the only one w/o a partner.

  13. One of the hardest parts of being single is knowing that you are no one’s priority. I’m in this foxhole alone and no one has my back. My friends and family are great and I am blessed to have them but they are in their own foxhole. The connection a person has with a spouse is not the same as with family and friends. What spouses think, say and do has a direct impact each other. They share a life. It is not good for man to be alone…………..

  14. Having no one to share life with The ups and downs Some one to snugle with on a cold winter night or set and look at the stars on a warm summer evening

  15. The hardest part for me is going to social functions alone. Then sometimes you need someone to share the big and little things that make life interesting with.

  16. The thing I hate the most about being single is eating my dinner every night for 7 years on a TV tray in front of the TV. I would love to share dinner with someone and conversation.

  17. The hardest part of being single at times, is not having a shoulder to cry on, I recently lost my beloved dog of 15 years and I would have loved to have had someone to hold me and comfort me while I was down, someone to make me laugh and encourage me.

  18. The worse is when you come home to an empty place and you have no one to share your day with, get that hug from, cook dinner with. I just do better as a “we” I mean being single has amazing up and pro’s but I do better as a “we”.

  19. The hardest thing about being single is battling the struggle of desiring another presence in the room. The fact that no one is beside you fighting the same battle of life gets overwhelming after awhile. With support and concern gives it some ease. But with just four simple words “Keep your head up” makes it all better.

  20. Not having someone to get your food ready when you come back home on a heltic day.

  21. The hardest part is childlessness.

  22. Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand. There isn’t anything hard about being single. In fact, you can do anything you want because you have no one to accept or deny it. Want children? Adopt. Want hugs and kisses? Get a dog/cat. Loneliness is a perception. God is with us always. Always.

  23. The dreams of ”one day” can only prop you up for so long. Eventually you catch yourself wishing for a real someone to share your interests, hopes, stories of the day, and so on, with after you come home each day from the office. You can only fantasize in your mind so many times about how you can surprise your special someone when you haven’t even met her yet. You can only dream so many times about the love, special care and affection you and your special someone will share with each other that one day in the future.

    And yet… our God is a loving, gracious, merciful, and most important of all, good God and all happens in His own time. When the time is right, God will bring the two together and the two shall become one flesh. Together they will accomplish the mission God has in mind for them.

  24. It is better to grow in God’s love and his word.It is important to be patient and prepare yourself spiritually for that special person which is more important than rushing into something that can have long term consequences.

  25. The greatest challenge for me is loneliness, not having the opportunities to exchange ideas and dreams , hugs , kisses and to be held by another person..

  26. The hardest part is when you want to share a story or anything significant that happened on your day, but all your friends are busy. Then you will end up talking to yourself which is not mentally healthy :))

  27. Well, let’s think…
    - Spending weekend alone because your friends are busy with their boy/girl friends.
    - Arriving at the airport after a long business trip but you are sure that no one is waiting for you, except the taxi drivers
    - Given a ticket for 2 people for your favorite movie, but you don’t know who you will invite to go with.
    - …
    Lots of moments that I found being single is too hard. Anyway, those moments are short, just vulnerable moments. I’ll over come it quickly by merging myself to other activities.
    However, I keep praying for ‘Owner of my rib’ will appear soon! :-)
    God bless you all!

  28. Paul J. K. September 13, 2012

    The hardest part of being single is hearing the nagging by others with snide remarks. For example, “When are you going to get married?” Here’s another example. A gentleman was describing to several of us the process of dealing with insurance forms for his cancer patient wife. As he was beginning his verbal description, he turned his attention toward me and remarked, “You’d already know this if you were married.” Sometimes I think marrieds are jealous of us singles.

    • Marita-847688 October 22, 2012

      Your friend’s remark sounded like a “humble brag”, but just ignore him because he sounds like he is dealing with a lot right now.

  29. John M. October 21, 2012

    I agree with Paul J.K. about negative attitudes that we have toward our own flesh and blood about their choices. Single people are people too!

  30. Marc-21531 December 15, 2013

    For myself, the most challenging aspect is the absence of female companionship.

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