Rose & Nicholas Are Merging Two Families Into One

Nicholas & Rose will make their two families into one in October

Rose was deeply skeptical of online dating and left to her own devices would likely have never come to CatholicMatch. But two years after her divorce, the mother of three teenagers was being encouraged by her family to put herself onto the dating scene. A link to a temperament test was what changed the course of her life.

It took a few weeks for Rose to take the test, and she allowed that an ad at the bottom of the page inviting her to meet single Catholics in her area.

“It was more than I could resist,” she admitted.

The curiosity didn’t make Rose an online dating enthusiast though. She threw a profile together so she could look and wasn’t expecting the three emotigrams she received. “I wasn’t even sure what they were, but I figured why not find out,” she told CatholicMatch.

What she found was Nicholas.

The fact that Nicholas was handsome didn’t hurt his cause with Rose, but what really drew her to him was that he had pictures of his children with him posted in his profile. She replied to him with an emotigram of her own. It got her a message written back in return.

Three weeks of electronic communication followed. Patience isn’t one of Rose’s strong suits, and she was wondering if he would ever ask for her phone number. Her sister-in-law counseled waiting it out and they finally talked on the phone.

One more week of phone conversations followed before Nicholas asked her out — at least he thinks he asked her out. “It’s still a debate who asked who since I suggested he go see the Bradley fireworks and then he asked me to go,” Rose said.

First dates are usually marked by tension. Not for Rose and Nicholas. Would the connection they felt online and by phone be translated into the physical world? Not only did they translate, but Rose had a thunderbolt experience. “When I was for the first time it was like I met my soul mate…I did want to look at him too long for fear he would think I was staring.”

That first date was three years ago. Now they are engaged to be married on the first weekend of October. Finding a home big enough for what will now be a family of five children is the priority right now.

“I look forward to my life with Nicholas and his family,” Rose told CatholicMatch. “Our family.”

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  1. Sounds storybook … but what’s the reality of blending families? This story just focuses on the two of them but doesn’t get into the nuts-and-bolts reality of dating with children, which is highly misleading. There are more than two people involved in this marriage. Shame on you–PARTICULARLY since this is a supposedly Catholic site.

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