Sings Bass, Catches Bass, Hails From 14-Kid Family

Brent is a 26-year-old nurse from Kansas City, Missouri

Brent-679865 is a 26-year-old nurse, the sixth-born among 14 children. The Kansas City, Mo., native is very close to his family and sings in the bass section of a sacred choral group, with several of his sisters singing soprano. (He also likes to catch bass, as his photo album evidences.)

“Having a large family taught me to relate with people of all ages,” Brent said. “It also gave me an enormous appreciation for hard work, collaboration, and loyalty.”

He hopes to get married and have a large family of his own. Joining CatholicMatch in February seemed like a good step toward that goal. “I wanted to meet other single Catholics from a broader geographic area and I had heard good things about CatholicMatch,” Brent said.

He’s been enjoying the site, especially the temperament test and its customized interview. “It allows you to interact with other members with a basic understanding of their personality without having to meet them in person first.”

Brent works as a progressive care nurse, having become an RN in 2006. He has applied to graduate school for a master of science in rural family nursing with a specialty track as a family nurse practitioner.

“I do occasionally get teased about being a male nurse, but it doesn’t really bother me,” he said. “Most health care workers understand that nursing is a noble and rewarding profession for women and men.”

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