A CatholicMatch Wedding Today In Washington

Robert & Jeanne will wed today in Washington

Today will be a time of joy in the Pacific Northwest, as Robert and Jeanne bring a long-distance relationship to a successful conclusion when they wed in the state of Washington.

Robert, a 51-year-old aerospace engineer, was based in Michigan, but in September 2009 he was working in Idaho. Never previously married, he was looking for a long-term relationship and he and Jeanne, 50 and working in education, were able to connect on CatholicMatch.

Jeanne had never been married either and found joy in her work and her 21 nieces and nephews. Both she and Robert enjoy outdoor sports, including skiing and hiking. After their first date, they kept in touch on a daily basis.

Then a challenge hit.

Robert had to relocate across the country to Vero Beach, but both were committed to seeing the relationship through. “We got together at every opportunity,” Robert recalled.

The commitment paid off and has led to today’s nuptials in Jeanne’s hometown. She will soon relocate to Florida, where they will move forward with their lives together.


Another CatholicMatch couple that tied the knot this spring is Luca, 32, from South Dakota and Sheri, 37, from Indiana. A strange coincidence led to their beginning — they sent each other an emotigram at exactly the same time!

The emotigram coincidence led to an immediate chat, which led to a phone conversation the following day, which left Sheri convinced. “It was obvious to me that this was more than just a ‘good profile’ kind of guy,” she told CatholicMatch. “We found common values and goals…every conversation was a journey.”

They were both ready to take the kind of risk that a long-distance relationship involves, so after a couple weeks of making use of modern technology and Skype to communicate, Luca flew to Indiana so they could meet in person. There was no doubt in their minds as the authenticity of the relationship after the weekend together and they became engaged.

How are they so sure of themselves?

“I know Luca is the one, because I know the love of God through him,” Sheri said, “and he makes me want to be a better person.”


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  4. To Jeanne & Robert and Luca & Sheri, congratulations and best wishes..I’m so happy for all of you. May God continue to shower HIs unending blessings always!!

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  6. Nice to read both stories . I wish them all the happiness and joy ! God bless them .

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