Richard & Nancy Were Already In The Same Parish


Richard and Nancy were both members of the same parish in their northern Minnesota hometown. They’d even met at church and talked casually, though neither one had any idea of the other was married or seeing anyone. “We were both too busy and too shy to get past that,” Nancy recalled.

One Sunday, after hearing a homily about the how God places desire within the human heart, Nancy felt a conviction that she wasn’t doing enough to cooperate with the following of God’s will. “Life had been too busy,” she admitted. “I erroneously thought God would just send someone to my door.”

The 56-year-old realized she would have to cooperate if she was going to meet someone.

Duly inspired, Nancy saw the CatholicMatch ad in their parish bulletin and decided it was a way she could push her comfort zone. As it turned out, 57-year-old Richard was browsing the site as a non-member, noticed her profile—still incomplete—and joined so he could ask her out in a non-threatening way.

“We laugh that it took CatholicMatch to get us together when we live so close…and are part of the same community,” Nancy said. But however the means, the relationship has been a good fit. Richard and Nancy have a nice blend of matching each other and complementing each other and now they look forward to a new life together when they get married in August.

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