Italian Beauty Takes Up Surfing This Summer

Frannie, a math teacher from New Jersey, is surfing this summer

Frannie-533557 is a well-rounded 33-year-old who, during her summer vacation from teaching seventh-grade math, is hoping to sharpen her surfing skills. The never-been-married New Jersey resident is an avid runner. She never leaves home without her iPod.

Frannie joined CatholicMatch last year after spotting an ad on the back of her church bulletin.  “I find it hard to find men in my general geographic area,” she says. “Most of the men I talk to are from New York City, probably because of my proximity to the city.”

Several CatholicMatch men were lucky enough to take her out. “I’ve been on several dates and had some good prospects,” she says. “Each week I receive about three to four emotigrams and one to two emails. I enjoy the instant messaging feature because sometimes it takes a while for people to respond to e-mails and you can often see if you have a connection with someone through a real-time dialogue.”

Years ago, Frannie didn’t expect to be 33 and still single, using a dating site in her quest for a mate. “I envisioned I would be married by the time I was 31,” she admits. “As I have grown in my faith, I’ve realized that when the time is right and I am ready to receive that person in my life, God will make that happen for me.”

In the meantime, the Italian beauty (who’s often mistaken for being Brazilian) can’t help but dream of her marriage and family life. “I would like to be a mom someday, helping my children stay focused on the positive aspects of life and leading through example.” That includes promoting physical activity and mindful eating, she says.

Frannie’s interests – dancing, traveling, going to the beach – lend themselves to a healthy lifestyle. And her big heart would make her a wonderful wife. “The qualities I would bring to a marriage,” she answers, when pressed, “include: love, support, tolerance, communication, realistic expectations, caring, nurturing, sense of humor, commitment and utmost respect for my partner.”

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