Mike & Josie Persisted Through Trials


There were a lot of times Mike and Josie could have given up the hope of finding that special someone. Josie, 45-years-old, had been through the pain of seeing her first marriage come apart. Mike had never been married and saw little possibility of that day ever coming.

“I prayed for years for God to guide me to the person he thought I should be with,” Mike said. “I was almost to the point where I thought his will might just be for me to be single.”

Then Mike got a notification in his mailbox. Josie had viewed his profile and he went to check her out. Mike liked what he saw and sent an emoticon. One little emoticon was all it took.

“It has just flourished from there,” he said. They’ve taken their relationship away from the online venue and into the real world. It’s still early, so we don’t want to get ahead of the story, but the early signs are good.

“The feeling is so right,”  the 47-year-old Mike said enthusiastically. Distance is not a problem for the couple, as they both live near Orlando. The future is bright in the Sunshine State and they are hopeful that an engagement could be around the corner.

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