New Beginnings In New Jersey


Rich and Kathy both came to CatholicMatch looking for a fresh start. Each had gone through the pain of living through the collapse of their first marriages and each had children. It’s too early to say with certainty, but there’s a good chance they’ve found that fresh start with each other.

“We have been dating for only one month,” 50-year-old Rich told CatholicMatch. “(But) we feel we known each other much longer.” Kathy is 52-years-old and both live in New Jersey, so distance is not an issue and both have had the opportunity to meet each others’ children.

“I met the most amazing woman,” a grateful Rich said. “We have common interests and share similar family values…I am crazy about her.”

Rich went on to say he would recommend CatholicMatch to others. And we’re grateful in return for his embrace of the website, but what’s most important about the story of he and Kathy is that—wherever their relationship ultimately ends up—is that it’s a living testament to the power of new beginnings, a gift that exists for everyone.

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