School Is Out & Single Parents Are Stressed

David-157569 is a single father of two 20-something daughters

CatholicMatch is home to many dedicated single parents – and we know you’re working extra hard this summer now that school is out.

A few weeks ago we featured 19 single dads in a Father’s Day photo gallery. It was a hit on Facebook. We also published a Q&A with Tim-710325, a Michigan dad of two young kids, and David-157569, a New Yorker who’s dealing with two 20-something daughters.

“I’ve gone from having to deal with little problems with little girls – I’ll always remember those early mornings, getting the girls ready for school and trying to figure out how to put hair ties in – to bigger problems with teenage girls,” David told CatholicMatch. “I tried to guide them as well as I could, equipping them with the tools they need to become independent, productive young adults.”

Added Tim: “I have no idea if I’ll ever meet someone who will accept my situation. I just want a family, something close to normal where I’m the dad and I love, respect and honor the woman the kids turn to as a mom.

CatholicMatch offers special camaraderie for faith-filled single parents. Whether you’re a single parent or considering dating one, I encourage you to take a peek at St. Rita’s, the forum dedicated to solo parents, to get an idea of what’s weighing on their minds and hearts this July. (It’s likely to make you a wiser aunt or uncle.)

They’re talking about work-life balance, bullying, chores and allowance and, of course, dating with children. You might be surprised by what you find.

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